Monster Bash
Pittsburgh, PA
October 22-3, 2011

Diane's Long report

Brett Halsey, Charles Herbert & David Hedison

Courtesy of Amanda Kelley

We had a blast!  It was a real group effort this time, as we had the first ever Fly reunion with both of David's 'sons,' Charles Herbert, who played Philippe in the first film, and Brett Halsey, who played Philippe in the second film. They both kept ragging on 'Dad' the entire weekend. Charles told David he wanted him to raise his allowance. There was a lot of back and forth banter all weekend. Great bunch of guys to be in the middle of ... Literally. I had Charlie on one side and David on the other side of my author table.

 David had a line the minute he sat down on Saturday and it never stopped. They bought pictures. They brought David Fly bobbleheads and Remco Seaviews. They even had a fly cake on Saturday night after Brett's Q & A. David's Q & A earlier in the evening was standing room only. I had to stand, which was okay, since I was video recording the session. I only had fill in the blank for David once, when he asked me to. David got a plaque for attending, presented by a tall guy with a fly head.

 We had a good time taking pictures on Saturday and Sunday. David graciously posed for everyone and I asked several to share on the page. One guy asked David to balance a plastic fly on his forehead and he did, but most were happy just to stand next David. A few folks even wanted their pictures with me. That was a surprise, but I posed.

We were out in the hallway in front of the dealer's room, so everyone had to pass by our row of tables. I set up the way David likes, with the big sign and the rest of his pictures spread out on the table. I made three new table shots and sold out of two of them. We had two -- exclusive to this con -- shots of David and Charles Herbert. I will post both on David Hedison's Face book store.

There were some young children that were adorable - a Fly girl with great eyes and a young boy - four years old, who was driven 6 hours from Ohio just to meet David, his idol. They rapped on the table together, David showed young Jonathan the right cadence. His grandmother said he runs around the house with a paper bag over his head and his sock claw. His brother got a signed picture, too. They were fun.

Ron Adams runs a great show.  His next Monsterbash is June 2012. The First ever Fly reunion was a rousing success,                     

Diane Kachmar

Courtesy of Tony Knoll

David being interviewed for an article for the VINCENTENNIAL.

Courtesy of Eileen and Tom Jackson