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Gold Key Comics produced comic books from 1962 to 1984. Although they did produce some original materials, they were primarily noted for creating comic book series based on properties from other sources, such as Disney, Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera.

Gold Key, using the pre-established familiar characters, was wildly successful in the 60s, with sales in the millions. This started to change in the 70s as the comic market generally suffered slumping sales. By the late 70s, Gold Key had abandoned the newsstands and were selling them bundled three to a cellophane bag in department store toy departments. It did not help sales. In 1981, the owners of Gold Key, Western Publishing, dropped the Gold Key logo and put the comics under the Whitman imprint, a catchall used for other comics, coloring books and a revived form of Big Little Books. Losses continued to mount and in 1984, Western Publishing  completely left the comic book business.

Note: Issues 15 and 16 were reprints of 7 and 6.

Dell Movie Classic #1230 was an adaptation of the movie, released just in time for the movie premier.

Technically, it was produced by the same company that would do the the adaptation of the TV series. Dell had a successful partnership with Western Publishing that ended in 1962. Western then started its own comic book line, Gold Key Comics.

  England's World Distributors produced a large format weekly comic called TV Tornado. Each issue was oversized (11 3/4" x 9"), ran for 20 pages, and sold for 6 pence and featured comic strips and illustrated stories featuring popular British television shows such as Batman, Bonanza, Green Hornet, The Saint, The Mysterons and of course, Voyage. The comic strips were, for the most part, reprints of US syndicated newspaper comics that predated than the TV show they tied into, and the cover art did not necessarily reflect the contents of that issue.

The series started with #1 January 1967 and ran to #88 September 1968. The title then merged  with another magazine, TV21.

TV Tornado # 1 - January 14, 1967
"The Seaview's Ghost" (comic strips) p. 6-7.



TV Tornado # 2 - January 21, 1967.
"Green Monsters of the Deep" (comic strips) p. 6-7.



TV Tornado # 4 - February 4, 1967
"Dance of Death" (comic strips)  p. 6-7.

TV Tornado # 5 - February 11, 1967
"The Lost Rockets" (comic strips)  p. 6-7.
TV Tornado # 6 - February 18, 1967
"The Mohole Project" (comic strips)  p. 6-7.
TV Tornado # 11 - March 25, 1967
"Grip of Death" (comic strips)  p. 14-16.
Annuals were British compilations, released in hardcover format each year at Christmas. World Distributors released two annuals. Both are a mix of illustrated stories and comics.

Voyage Annual 1967

"The Kingdom of Davy Jones"
p. 7-22
"The Statue Makers"
p. 23-30
"The One That Got Away"
p. 60-70
"Vanderbecken Sails Again"
p. 71-80
"Trapped in Lost Atlantis"
p. 81-93

Comic: "Robinson Crusoe of the Depths"
p. 31-59.


Voyage Annual 1968
"Ten Thousand Feet of Ice"  
p. 6-16
"Creatures of the Deep"
p. 17
"That She Blows!"
p. 18-21
"Rock of Terror"
p. 22-32
"Prehistoric Venture"
p. 65-72
"Sea Beasts of the Past"
p. 73
"The Lost Atlantis"
p. 74-80
"Divers All"
p. 81
"Seaview Treasure Hunt Game"
p. 82-83
"Dive Dive Dive"
p. 84-87
"King Neptune"
p. 88-93

Comic: "Great Undersea Safari"
p. 33-64
TV Tornado Annuals  were published 1968-1971.

TV Tornado Annual 197

TV Tornado Annual 1971

"Menace from the Mindanao" (story) p. 16-23
"Neptunius The Fish man" (comic strip) p. 24-32.