Arthur Hendricks Storyline
January - November, 2004

November 29 was David's last airdate as Arthur Hendricks.

Meet Arthur Hendricks


Judge Arthur Hendricks arrives in Genoa City to seek his long lost love, Katherine Chancellor.  They had an affair and he left town when her husband returned from Europe.  He finds all is not well.  Katherine has started drinking again from all the recent stress in her life.


A somewhat drunk Katherine reveals that Arthur is Jill's biological father.  Katherine gave up the baby for adoption.  Jill only learned last year that Katherine is her biological mother and the revelation was not easy on either of them.


Arthur asks Katherine and Jill if they can all live together and moves into the Manor to try to help Katherine get sober again.


Katherine's illegitimate granddaughter Mackenzie Browning returns to Genoa City and is in shock that her grandmother has started drinking again. 


Arthur continues to romance Katherine in an effort to distract her from drinking. 


Esther, Katherine's companion and housekeeper returns and Katherine's alcoholism continues to worsen.


Everyone who loves Katherine decides to stage an intervention - Arthur, Jill, Mac, her son Brock, Esther, Nikki, Gina.


The intervention works, Katherine goes to rehab.  Arthur proposes marriage to Katherine when she returns.  Katherine say yes.


Arthur's estranged stepson, Harrison Bartlett, comes to Genoa City.  Harrison comes to see Katherine and warns her not to marry Arthur, as he believes Arthur is responsible for the death of his mother, Eleanor. Katherine doesn't believe Harrison and tells Esther about the accusation. Arthur doesn't know Katherine's been told or that his stepson is in town.


Arthur tries to find out why Kay's upset and why she keeps putting off the wedding. Kay won't tell him. Kay meets Harrison again by chance and he repeats his accusations. Kay hires Paul to check out Arthur's past. Harrison comes to see Jill and tells her. Jill tells Kay she knows, Kay shows her Paul's report. Arthur walks in, they tell him they know. Arthur goes ballistic. The accusation is bogus. He can't function if everyone knows. Arthur storms out, leaving Jill and Kay terrified he will not be coming back. 


Arthur moves out of the Manor and into the Athletic Club, saying he will come back only if his past is never brought up again.  Katherine considers her options and tells Arthur she believes him and that she still wants to get married.  Jill is frantic to find anything that will clear Arthur.  She arranges for Arthur and Harrison to meet.  They trade accusations, but nothing is resolved.  Jill goes looking and finds Arthur took out insurance on Katherine. 

She confronts him. Jill goes looking and finds Arthur took out insurance on Katherine.  Arthur says the papers are bogus and he asks Jill if she believes him.  She can't.  Jill finds out from Harrison that he planted the insurance papers.  She returns home to find Arthur was there and finds two notes left behind saying good-bye.  Kay comes downstairs to elope with Arthur, but he's gone. Kay rushes to the Athletic Club to stop Arthur, but he is adamant.  He cannot live with them if they think he's a murderer.  He tells Kay he will always love her, tenderly kisses her good-bye, picks up his bag and leaves town.  Kay blames Jill.