BIO: Arthur Hendricks

Former State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Hendricks came to Genoa City from Seattle. Recently retired from the bench and a widower, the Judge found living alone was something he didn't want. Arthur came to Genoa City in search of the lost love of his life, Katherine Chancellor.

The summer before Arthur entered law school, he worked in Genoa City as a waiter and during that time had an affair with then married Katherine Reynolds. When Arthur learned that Katherine's husband was returning from Europe, he gave up his love and left town.

He was accepted into law school and after he passed the bar, Arthur married the vivacious Eleanor Bartlett and raised her son, Harrison as his own, until Harrison left home under bitter circumstances.

Katherine was surprised when Arthur came to her door, but was willing to have a relationship with him again, when she was sober. Katherine is still adjusting to the revelation a year ago that Jill Foster Abbott is her birth daughter that she had given up for adoption. Soon after Arthur came to town, Kay admitted that he was Jill's biological father.

Arthur was overjoyed to have a family again and promptly moved in with his former love and his newfound daughter. It was rocky at times, with Katherine's drinking and all them trying to get to know each other for the first time, but a successful intervention helped Kay get sober. Arthur proposed marriage after she went through rehab. Katherine accepted Author's ring and they made plans to get married.

Arthur's stepson came to town and told Katherine to be careful, he was convinced that Arthur had something to do with his mother Eleanor's death. He couldn't prove it, but Harrison felt he had a duty to warn her. This upset Kay and she delayed the wedding until Paul could investigate Arthur's past. Harrison found Jill and also told her. Jill read Paul's report that the investigation ended in no charges being brought against Arthur. Jill immediately went digging for more.

Arthur found out they had him investigated, was deeply hurt and moved out. He said he would only come back and get married if his dead wife was never mentioned again. Kay searched her soul and agreed to his terms. Jill couldn't let it go, found out that Arthur had taken insurance out on Katherine and confronted Arthur with the application. He said he had never seen the papers before and asked Jill to believe him. She couldn't. Jill confronted Harrison with the papers and he admitted he planted them.

Jill rushed home to find Arthur had been there and had left two good-bye notes behind. One for Kay, that he'd always love her and one for Jill, telling her not to try and find him. After reading her note, Kay rushed to the Genoa City Athletic Club to stop Arthur from leaving.

Arthur said no, he had to go. He couldn't live with the doubt in their eyes and the sword of suspicion hanging over their lives together. He told Kay he'd take his love for her to his grave, kissed her tenderly good-bye, picked up his bag and left Genoa City.

Only the soap writers know if Arthur will return.

Arthur's ex-fiancée
 Katherine Chancellor
Arthur's daughter
Jill Foster Abbott
Katherine's granddaughter
Mackenzie Browning
Arthur's stepson
Harrison Bartlett