The Emerald Curtain
Airdate: November 21, 1959


David Hedison - Victor Sebastian
Luciana Paluzzi -  Simone Genet


Guest Stars

Kevin OíNeill  - Michael David
Denny O'Neill - J. M. Kerrigan
Kishinev -  Cyril Delevanti
Jingo -  Jimmy Murphy
Margo -  Linda Hutchings
Hulk - Bern Hoffman
Photographer - Francis Bethencourt
Robertson - Paul Burke


Produced by Herbert Swope, Jr.
Directed by Allen Reisner
Written by Jerry Devine
Theme music by David Racksin

out takes
In reply to an urgent summons from eccentric film director, Kevin OíNeill (Michael David), theatrical agent Victor Sebastian (David Hedison) and his actress client Simone Genet (Luciana Paluzzi) arrive at Coppell Castle in Ireland.

Kevin introduces his guests to his father Denny (J. M. Kerrigan), his latest conquest, Margo (Linda Hutchings) and his assistant, Jingo (Jimmy Murphy).

Kevin asked Victor to line up two of Hollywood's biggest stars for his next picture, the plot of which cannot yet be disclosed. When Victor explains how impossible this makes the deal, Kevin confides that he has arranged to smuggle leading Russian author, Kishinev, from behind the Iron Curtain in return for exclusive film rights to his latest award-winning novel.

Victor, an undercover secret agent, realizes that Kevinís coup, if successful, would prove of tremendous propaganda value to the west. He tells Kevin he will certainly obtain the services of two stars if everything goes according to plan.

Leaving Simone to entertain their host, Victor slips away to the village and telephones Robertson (Paul Burke), his handler in Dublin. Robertson tells Victor that rumors are circulating about Kishinev's disappearance and warns his friend that Russian agents are known to be in the vicinity.

Returning to the castle, Victor finds two photographers, ostensibly filming Kevin at home, are busy familiarizing themselves with the castle. Victor strikes up a friendship with Denny and invites him down to the village for a drink. His efforts to pump the old man as to his son's plans are foiled by the wily Irishman's capacity for whiskey.

Back at the castle, Kevin seeks Simone's help in picking up Kishinev (Cyril Delevanti) who is being landed that night from a Russian tanker off the shore at Waterford.

His plans are overheard by Jingo, a Russian agent, who alerts his colleagues, the bogus photographers. They allow Kevin and Simone to drive away then follow.

Victor and Denny return to find Kevin's bodyguard, Hulk (Bern Hoffman) imprisoned in a dungeon. Denny, realizing at last the danger his son is in, accompanies Victor on a furious drive to Waterford.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Simone have picked up Kishinev and are returning to the castle when they're overtaken by the Russian agents. Kevin is knocked out, Kishinev is bundled into their car and Simone is taken along as a hostage.

Victor and Danny arrive as Kevin recovers. They are joined by Robertson who tells them tells the Russians are heading back to Waterford.

Denny remembers his old comrades in the IRA and telephones those who live along the route taken by the kidnappers. In a series of seemingly innocent mishaps, the Russian car is delayed incessantly on its way through the countryside and is ultimately stopped by a small army of fierce Irishmen until Victor and his party arrive.

Kishinev is now free to determine his own destiny.
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Synopsis of The Emerald Curtain
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox Publicity Department