"My first day of Another World.  It was July 1991.  I was a basket case. I was working with people seemed so loose and so good, who had been doing it for years."
 --David Hedison

"I really believe that Another World was the best soap opera on the air and I was lucky to be on it, but the whole five years I was there I felt I was miscast.  I remember when I went to test for the part, I ran Victoria Wyndham and she said,
'Why are you here?'  'I'm testing for Spencer.'  'All wrong,' she said and she was right.  But they gave me the job, so what was I going to do?  And oh, I worked so hard.  Because I thought the part should be played by someone like Brian Dennehy.  But, as an actor, I will make it work.  Certain days, I did make it work."
David Hedison   August 1992

January 1995
Spencer returns to Bay City to help Grant and comes face to face with his ex-wife, who's supposed to be dead.

Justine Harrison returned to Bay City with the idea she could pick up right up where she left off 25 years ago. Her first plan is to "gaslight" her ex-husband, Spencer. 

"She's torturing him with crank phone calls, quick glimpses and a mysterious invitation. She blames Spencer for how her life has been and she wants to make him pay.  She wants to make his life hell.  Justine wants the life she threw away and the family she was talked out of. She hopes once she reveals herself, her sons and Carl will welcome her."

In January 1995, AW released David from his contract and he thought his run on the show was over.  But after four weeks back in Los Angeles, [executive producer] John Valente called and they wanted [David] to come back. "I was terribly flattered."  So back to New York and Bay City he [came].  "John said that Spencer was crucial to the (Justine/Rachel) storyline.  I think it's going to be interesting." 
-- David Hedison  May 1995

Carl and Rachel confront Spencer.  They want to know everything about his "dead" ex-wife, Justine.
David with Charlotte Ford
at the Children's Professional School
Gala Benefit   1995

"David Hedison turned in a performance worthy of an Emmy as stroke victim Spencer struggled to make his son Ryan understand that his mother Justine was alive and trying to kill Spencer.  For weeks now we've watched as Spencer desperately tried to make Ryan and Grant understand his words.  David did a remarkable job - from slurred speech to facial expressions to his withered looking hand - all aftereffects of the debilitating stroke.  [Now] Spencer has been sent off to a rehabilitation center, we hope the writers are arranging a way to bring David back to the show.  His presence is sorely missed."
-- Trish Schieman  1995

While David Hedison is glad to be back after a three month absence, his daughters Alexandra and Serena were sad to see him go. "When I said I was going back to the soap again, [they] said, Oh, Dad, no.  Don't go.  Although [the parting] was bittersweet, David welcomed his return to [the East Coast].  I like hard work and I like to create something good.  I find it fun."
-- David Hedison  May 1995

David's last air date on AW was June 20, 1995