I am gruff, [but] I love both my sons.
 -- David Hedison on Spencer Harrison




Onscreen, the relationship between Spencer and Grant is hostile, but in real life the two actors are good buddies. Mark Pinter [said] about David's acting talents.  "He's wonderful.  He's done so many good things.  He knows his craft. You really have to respect him.  We are lucky to have him here on the show.   And what's great about him is his sense of humor.  He's not afraid to laugh at himself."

Iris fights Donna for Spencer's affections.
David at the cast party for AW's 29th Anniversary. May 1993
The Harrisons
Ryan, Spencer and Grant
The Harrisons
Grant, Spencer and Ryan

"Spencer found Iris relentless in her pursuit of him. He eventually gave in, even though he was first attracted to Rachel.  He sees himself as [Iris'] white knight since she most definitely needs someone to rescue her from herself.
-- David Hedison

Paulina calls off the wedding,
leaving Spencer holding the groom

 "I trust Donna because she gives me a lot of information. I find myself not trusting Vicky, I don't trust any Hudson since Michael blocked the waterfront deal." -- David Hedison

Vicky has to choose between the two Harrison brothers.


Adding insult to injury, after Vicky
marries his brother Grant, Ryan finds
out that Carl Hutchins, not Spencer,
is his father.




déjà vu  or inside joke?

AW got the clever idea in 1993 to have a "homemade" costume party because 1) It was Halloween and 2) John and Kelsey were getting married.

So, Spencer arrived dressed as "a naval officer."