Rough Crossing
Nebraska Repertory Theatre
Howell Theatre, Lincoln, NE
June 12-16, 18-22, 1996


Time: The 1930's
Place:  On board the SS Italian Castle, sailing between Southampton England and New York via Cherbourg.
Act 1:  In port at Cherbourg, late one night and the following morning.
Act 2: Somewhere in the Atlantic, later that day 
(in order of appearance)

Turai David Hedison
Dvornichek Paul Steger
Adam Michael Lasswell
Gal Brian O'Connor
Natasha Donna English
Ivor Kevin Paul Hofeditz
Rehearsing with Director Kent Paul.

David as Sandor Turai

[Kent] Paul had nothing but kudos for his cast. "In 25 years of directing, I've never assembled a better cast than these six people -- they are really wonderful."


Nebraska Repertory is the place to see top-notch professional theater.

The cast of "Rough Crossing" was cutting up on the unfinished set.

 "I don't know what I'm doing but it looks marvelous," David Hedison said, as cast members struggled for control during a pre-rehearsal photo shoot.

 Hedison is in Lincoln starring in "Rough Crossing" at the Nebraska Repertory Theatre.  And he's clearly enjoying his stay.

"I really love Lincoln.  After New York and Los Angeles, it's just wonderful -- people are so friendly."

Last winter, "Crossings" director, Kent Paul, asked Hedison to audition for the role of grandly self-interested playwright Sandor Turai. Hedison turned down a two hour Hart to Hart Special to come to Nebraska.

"I don't regret it for a one single second.  The local [actors] are astonishing -- they are brilliant -- I'm trying to keep up with them."

Several [of his} fans are planning trips to Lincoln to see Hedison in one of his few comedic roles.  "When they see me do the first lines, they are going to get hysterical, I'm sure."

Hands outstretched, swaying from side to side, Hedison mimicked the action, which they called "the Seaview Rock and Roll."  Hedison has been teaching the move to the "Rough Crossing" cast.  [This] play takes place on the ocean and at one point the Italian Castle does send everyone staggering across the deck. 

"As you get older, there are fewer parts ... then father parts and then grandfather parts."

That isn't the case in "Rough Crossing."  In this role he hardly looks like someone's doddering old grandpa.

The Lincoln Journal Star
Cindy Lange-Kubrick.