The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
"The Queen and the Thief"
Episode # 2.7
First broadcast:
28 October 1977
Writer: Bruce Shelly
Director: Jack Arnold

Lynda Carter
- Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Lyle Waggoner - Colonel Steve Trevor, Jr.

Guest Stars:
David Hedison - Evan Robley
Juliet Mills  - Queen Kathryn
John Colicos - Ambassador Orrick


Steve Trevor and Diana Prince go undercover at the Malakar Embassy. Their mission is to thwart international jewel thief Evan Robley, who is after the Malakar royal jewels which evil Ambassador Orrick has convinced Queen Kathryn to bring on her American visit in hopes that their loss will force the Queen to abdicate. But Robley has arrived first and convinced Queen Kathryn that he is an undercover Federal agent.

Now it's up to Wonder Woman to stop Robley, recover the jewels, prevent an abdication and rescue Steve. 

David on Wonder Woman and working with his dear friend Juliet Mills:
"I first saw Juliet Mills on Broadway in a play called Five Finger Exercise in 1958.  Several years later we met at a party when she was filming QBVII with Anthony Hopkins.  We became fast friends and saw each other socially over the years. 

When Doug Cramer sent us the script for Wonder Woman we were thrilled because it was so well written and we would be working together.  I might add that working with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was a lovely experience as well.  She was a real pro, and we got along splendidly. 
A few years later I did a Fantasy Island episode [Family Reunion] with Juliet.  We had a lot of laughs on that one.  I remember once when we broke for lunch and were standing in line to get some food on the honey wagon.  She took her plate and piled it with food.  You name it. Everything! Lasagna, roast beef, a couple rolls, salad, some more lasagna, and to top it off a huge chunk of apple pie with a generous topping of vanilla ice cream.  "My God, Juliet!  You must be hungry!"  And of course she was.  The next day I discovered that she was pregnant with Melissa.  And since her husband at the time, Michael, was working I popped into the hospital wearing a doctor's gown and was the first to meet Melissa. 
Several years later when I was touring Chapter 2 in Palm Beach, I went down to see her in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, my day off.  She was doing The Elephant Man, and I was able to catch the 3 PM matinee.  Brilliant work from Juliet and her co-star Maxwell Caulfield.  And by Gum, I did it AGAIN.  I was the first to meet her husband-to-be Maxwell.  That was 1980, and here we are in 2005, and those two wonderful people are still together, deeply in love and very happily married."


David has worked with Juliet Mills five times in his career:
Wonder Woman 
"Queen and the Thief"
Fantasy Island 
"Family Reunion"  
Love Boat
 "Tug of War" 
and in the play
"Blithe Spirit"  

David also worked with Lynda Carter in a short lived series called PARTNERS IN CRIME in the "Fantasyland" episode that first aired November 24, 1984 on NBC. Lynda and Loni Anderson were the ex-wives of a private detective who leaves the agency to the two of them.

After an old friend is gunned down by the mob, the trail leads to Fantasyland, a nightclub in the red light district. A visit to ex-mobster turned art dealer, Robert "Bobbo" Davidson (David Hedison), turns up more than the girls bargained for as the trail leads to drug money and betrayal.

Directed by Sutton Roley, who directed David in a number of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" episodes.

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