True Confessions: The Price


True Confessions was a short-lived anthology series which produced episodes that were inspired by articles in the magazine of the same name; dramatic tales of heart break and betrayal that were told from a woman's perspective.


The syndicated daily half hour series ran at various times in various markets in 1986-1987.
130 episodes were produced.


The stories were introduced by host Bill Bixby.
Patricia - Laurie Burton
David - David Hedison
Elizabeth - Anita Jesse
Dan Vickers - Nick Eldridge

Story by Alan Landsburg and Howard Lipstone
Teleplay by Charles Keel
Director - John "Doc" Moody



Patricia is the secretary to ad agency executive David. Due to downsizing, his department is being eliminated and he is offered early retirement as a graceful exit. David seems less upset about his sudden "retirement" than Patricia, his secretary. It turns out she is his mistress and has been for 18 of the nineteen years she's been employed.

He is going to accept the offer and when they meet at her apartment, Patricia doesn't see how the affair can continue when he is retired. He could always say he had to work "at the agency" on the Mondays, Thursdays and every other Saturday that he spent with her. He never wanted to hurt his wife Elizabeth by telling her he was having an affair.


Patricia presses for a new arrangement. David promises to get another job so they can stay together in the old one. He doesn't want to lose her. They seal the deal with a kiss.


Back at the office, head of human resources Dan Vickers will be taking over David's office. He asks Patricia to work for him. She declines, saying she'd rather move on with David to his new job. Dan is surprised that she doesn't know about the non-compete clause in David's severance package. His salary is covered as long as he does not take another ad job for two years. Patricia is upset he has not told her this.


She arranges to meet David after hours by using their code. He doesn't want to, but he does meet her. She confronts him about the clause. He says he forgot all about it and that he doesn't think it will be a problem. He asks for time to find another way for them to be together and he wants her to take the job (temporarily) with Vickers until he can figure out what to do.

Now that his sons are grown, Patricia wants David to consider leaving his wife. He won't, claiming that without his job, he can't afford a divorce. David promises he still loves her and asks her to hold on, he will work out something.


David comes for his usual Saturday and says there is no way he can got out of the clause. But he doesn't want to give up the money, either. She presses him, but he doesn't want to talk about it.


Patricia invites Elizabeth to lunch to find out if David has made any plans. Elizabeth thinks they are meeting to plan his farewell party, but that's not what Patricia wants to talk about. But before Patricia can tell Elizabeth about her affair with David, she is horrified to learn that Elizabeth knows all about the contract clause, and confides that David is taking her to Hawaii for six months as soon as he retires.


Reluctantly, Patricia accepts the job from Dan Vickers. He is relieved. Dan tells her he's divorced and invites her out for a drink at The Grotto, so the agency can pick up the tab. She doesn't want to go, but finally does. While they are there, Patricia spots David cuddling with the new young copywriter. Vickers is not surprised. He says David has always fooled around and that there was a office pool as to when he would make it with the "new" girl.


Patricia walks over, confronts David and says they are through, admitting out loud to herself that in a way, she is relieved and vows to start over, without him. She leaves him with his new conquest, for however long that will last.