Episode: 2x19
Air Date: 01/23/1964
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Harry W. Junkin

Starring Roger Moore as Simon Templar

Guest Stars:
David Hedison as Bill Harvey
Suzanne Lloyd as Doris Harvey
Sue Lloyd as Luella


David is Bill Harvey, an old friend of Simon's who has been sent to London by his bank. When his wife is called to Paris, Bill decides he wants to relive his reckless youth. Drinking, clubbing and gambling lead Bill to a rendezvous with Luella and straight into the middle of a blackmail scam.

Of course now Simon must straighten things out, preferably before Bill and his wife kill each other. Trying to salvage Bill's marriage and outfox Luella at her own game is enough to even try the patience of a saint!

In a touch of foreshadowing, a rental agent mistakes Simon Templar for James Bond and Bill Harvey as his FBI associate.


When I was working on "The Saint" I kept getting calls from a producer in Hollywood about doing a TV series, which at the time I wasn't at all interested in doing. I would get calls in the middle of the night about doing the series, but my answer was always no. I had just been cast in a 2 hour mini-series for the BBC - Tennessee Williams' Camino Real, and I was very excited about getting involved in that wonderful production with some first-rate British actors.

One morning, over coffee and before starting work, I mentioned my problem to Roger. He couldn't really understand my dilemma. What problem? The Tennessee play will come and go, and the series might eventually lead to some longer and more substantial employment was his advice. I mulled it over, and early that evening I called the producer in Hollywood and accepted his offer. The producer? Irwin Allen. The series? Voyage to the Bottom of Sea! Thanks, Roger.

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