The Hollywood Palace
September 19, 1967 (5:02)

Guest Host:  Milton Berle

David Hedison
Lena Horne
Neile Adams
Spanky & Our Gang

John and I asked David about his appearance on The Hollywood Palace in September of 1967 at the FX show in Orlando last January.  John wanted to know what it was like being a straight man to Milton Berle. 


David laughed and said it wasn't that hard, he knew how to time comedy, but it was still kind of daunting to do a show like that.  David said the script was originally written for Richard Basehart, but Richard didnít want to do it for some reason, so they sent David in his place.  The only part that was a little difficult was the Shakespeare reading from Richard II.  David had never done that particular role and Richard had.  David said, once he got past that recitation and into the comedy, he was fine.

The Voyage sketch was very well done, with lots of shtick for Berle - he keeps getting water thrown on him and David kept on kissing Neile Adams (Steve McQueen's wife) as the lone female crew member.  She was in charge of morale.  <wink, wink> 

When Berle asks if Neile will eat lunch with him, she replies, "I only mess with the officers."  Berle persists.  "What he got that I haven't got?"  she answers, "His own TV series!"  <rim shot>  And then there is the very large Rockman who keeps coming in and exiting before he can be captured.   

A good time was had by all.  It was fun to see David do a variety show production number where he both sang and danced.

Diane Kachmar
February 2006

If the Rockman looks familiar, it's because, in addition to providing David, the costuming and the footage of Seaview for the program, Irwin also sent over one of the costumes from VTTBOTS  episode 3:18: The Fossil Men !