The Merv Griffin Show
Thursday, September 28, 1967


Guests are:
David Hedison,
Eartha Kitt and her daughter,
Pat Cooper,
Jack Bailey
and Mia Morrell.

"I like entertaining people, making them happy. I remember once I was on a Voyage personal appearance tour during our third season.

In the various cities on my schedule, there were hospital visits and there were ailing children in those hospitals. They'd spend all day looking forward to seeing Captain Crane and when he did, indeed, enter the room, their little faces would really light up.

That was a thrill for me. I felt that the work I was doing on the Voyage series was worth something. I was helping people, and that, to me, is one of the greatest rewards I have had in my chosen profession."

David Hedison
September 1977

Eartha Kitt's daughter Kitt McDonald begins to get antsy during the show, so David distracts her with a little sleight of hand