"Knight in Retreat"
Episode 61 (3:19) 
Original Air Date: 3/29/85


David Hasselhoff - Michael Knight
Edward Mulhare - Devon Miles
Patricia McPherson - Bonnie Barstow
William Daniels - K.I.T.T. (voice)

Guest Stars
David Hedison - Ted Cooper
Ann Turkel - Bianca Morgan
Randi Brooks - Tanya

Bonnie's mentor, Dr. Harley Freeman, is found dead after a traffic accident that she and Devon consider suspicious. Michael agrees to investigate and soon discovers a plot to steal the new Pegasus smart missile that will work with Freeman' stolen guidance system. Now, Michael must pose as a space-weapon scientist to gain access to a retreat for scientists operated by a woman who blackmails her way toward stealing the top-secret weapon system.

David is Ted Cooper, the head of security for the Cendrex Industries, the developers of the Pegasus. After Bianca threatens to send a video of Ted romping with her in the hot tub to his wife, he supplies her with the route of the missile to the test grounds. Now Michael and KITT must prevent the Pegasus from falling into enemy hands.