A Gathering of Sharks (8:17)
14 January 1973 on ABC
Written by Mark Weingart
Directed by Earl Bellamy

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Inspector Lewis Erskine
William Reynolds as Special Agent Tom Colby

Guest Stars
David Hedison as Scott Jordan
Jessica Walter as Carla Payne

At the Oregon summer home of the millionaires Jacob and Eileen Crane, someone breaks in and steals the fabulous Bonét Diamond. Eileen Crane surprises him and screams for help. The thief flees, wounding a security guard in the process. When the stolen car is found over the state line in northern California, bringing the crime under the jurisdiction of the FBI.

Inspector Erskine and Agent Colby visit the Cranes to investigate the theft. As they go over the details of the burglary, Scott Jordan, the thief, calls, demanding $100,000 for the diamond's return. Crane refuses; he had a stroke last year and can't get around.  He suggests his golf partner Everett Halliday, who will be arriving at Pebble Beach in a few days. 

Halliday is delayed in Europe, so Inspector Erskine takes his place. Jordan's partner, Carla meets with Erskine at Pebble Beach. Scott Jordan, after promising Carla that this ransom would finance their escape to the Riviera, proceeds to visit an old girlfriend.

Things begin to heat up for Inspector Erskine as word of the heist begins to spread and other criminals begin to look for a piece of the pie. Jordan calls to schedule the exchange, sending him from point to point across Monterey. Finally, in an abandoned factory on Cannery Row, the undercover agent comes face-to-face with the gun-toting, ruthless jewel thief.