Kate and Doug Lawrence raise their family in Pasadena, struggling with the heartaches and trials of modern life with their children: divorced young mother Nancy, drop-out Willie and tomboy Buddy.

After a 6 episode run as a mid-season replacement, the show's ratings were sufficient to warrant placement in the regular schedule. On October 6,1976 Family's second season started with Elayne Heilveil being replaced in the role of Nancy. "Coming Apart" continued a Nancy story line started in the first episode - her divorce. While at college, she runs into a former professor, Peter Towne. Recently divorced himself, the two commiserate at the approach of the finalization of her divorce. Support turns to attraction.


The fourth episode of the season, "Coming of Age" (November 9, 1976), takes place 6 months later. Nancy and Peter are now dating and Peter wants to get married. Nancy is ambivalent to the idea until she has a fight with her mother. After agreeing to marry Peter, she finds herself ill at ease with the decision, her life and her future. A chance encounter leads to a one-night stand that convinces Nancy that the problem with her life has been playing it too safe. Peter feels she made the wrong decision and refuses to marry her. He sadly leaves forever.


Family ran 5 seasons - 1976-1980
DVD Release Date: September 5, 2006

Sada Thompson - Kate Lawrence
James Broderick - Doug Lawrence
Gary Frank - Willie Lawrence
Kristy McNichol - Letitia 'Buddy' Lawrence
Meredith Baxter Birney - Nancy Lawrence Maitland

Guest Star David Hedison as Peter Towne

David and Meredith had worked together before, in Robert Bloch's 1973 homage to Val Lewton's classic 1942 film Cat People, The Cat Creature