"Angels in the Stretch"
(Season 3, Episode 12)

Original Air Date: 20 December 1978

When a professional gambler's death at the racetrack is ruled accidental, his daughter hires the Townsend Agency to find out what really happened. The angels go undercover and quickly uncover a scheme where a losing horse is being switched with his winning twin for one race and a big payoff.

To find who is behind is behind the plot, Sabrina goes undercover as an aspiring jockey, Bosley and Kris pose as horse buyers and crusading reporter Kelly is wined and dined by Carter Gillis, a wealthy Southern gentleman horse breeder.

Now, as the race draws near, the angels search for the mastermind. But Charlie's team has a little surprise of their own...

Kate Jackson - Sabrina Duncan
Jaclyn Smith - Kelly Garrett
Cheryl Ladd - Kris Munroe
David Doyle - John Bosley
David Hedison - Carter Gillis