"Family Reunion"
(Season 1, Episode 6)
Originally aired: February 18, 1978

Ricardo Montalban - Mr. Roarke
Hervé Villechaize - Tattoo

Guest Stars:
Juliet Mills  - Evelyne Kellino
David Hedison - Carlyle Cranston
Mary Frann - Grace Arnold
John Gavin  - Harry Kellino
Katy Kurtzman - Ann Kellino
Tom Fridley - Tony Kellino


Mr. Roarke has agreed to fulfill a fantasy for brother and sister Ann and Tony Kellino at a discounted price that makes Tattoo wince more than usual.

It seems their parents Evelyne and Harry have divorced, and now both are engaged to remarry. The children want their parents to fall in love again, reuniting the family.

Under false pretenses, Mr. Rourke brings both parents to the island, with Carlyle and Grace, their respective fiancés, in tow. Now they must all spend the night in a cabin that is identical to the one the Kellinos spent their halcyon days as a family.

Now, with a little help from Mr. Rourke, some very unlikely weather and a bear, Harry and Evelyne are force to spend the night alone in the barn.

When morning comes, the two have talked and reconciled. Grace and Carlyle refusing to believe a word of the adventure, end the relationships and stalk off, leaving Ann and Tony's with their fondest wish - a reunited family.