sheng zhan feng yun

David Hedison - US Ambassador
Olivia Hussey - Rebecca Eche
Danny Lee - Inspector Bong
Peter Lapis - Gary Redner
Vernon G. Wells - Hannibal
Rosamund Ewan - Ann Chang

Director: Ringo Lam
VHS Studio: Imperial, released in 1992
DVD Studio: Tai Seng Video, released 2001
DVD version includes subtitles in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

The US ambassador to Poland is brutally gunned down at his child's baptism by the international terrorist group known as the World Liberation Army.  The trail soon runs from Warsaw in the final days of the communist regime to the back alleys of Hong Kong. Now, CIA agent Gary Redner and Hong Kong Police Inspector Bong must put aside their differences to stop WLA from massacring the participants of an international business conference It's a race against the clock in this action-packed adventure from Hong Kong filmmaker Ringo Lam.

"David was on this movie set in Prague called Undeclared War.  They were supposed to blow up his car.  David was uneasy about the stunt and questioned the director, but Ringo Lam told him he'd be perfectly SAFE.

David came running around the corner and hit his mark.  KA-BLOOM.  The explosion blew out all the windows in the square.  There was glass everywhere.  David was down with blood on his neck and shoulder from  flying glass and his knees were shredded and bloody.  David said it was good thing they got that first shot as there could be no second take in the condition he was in after that!"   May 2005

"The thing is, it's the most dangerous stunt work I have ever done in my life because there's all that nonsense going on in the church. There's the explosion in the church and the shooting. I'm an ambassador, they're trying to kill me, and I've got a baby in my arms. Then I have to go running out into the street. I have to go down the steps of the church, go running along the sidewalk to get into my car. Just as I get towards the car, the damn car is supposed to blow up. And this stupid director said to me, Don't worry, just before you get there, we'll blow the car up. I was scared silly. I don't think I've ever done anything like that in my life.

And sure enough, we went for the take and they're in a rush, and the guys are putting the explosives in the car, and everyone's running to car, and I thought I must be crazy! I could kill myself doing this. So I came down, and then when I came running out of the church, before they get to that take, they gave me a fake baby of course. You don't kill a baby, but me [it's okay.]" So, I've got this fake baby I'm holding and I go running down the steps with the baby, and I get there, and I'm holding the baby, you know [close in, protecting it with his arms and body] That car explosion was so bad it blew the windows out of all the stores around. I mean, that's the amount of the explosives. I was scared to death. But the shot looked good, and that's all that counts." (Laughter) We're paying you for this, you know. That's their attitude."  David Hedison, May 1993
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