"The wonders of our world often defy precise description.

When words alone are inadequate, Britannica's Phenomenal World turns to images.  Each episode offers a close-up look at the wonders of our world."

Phenomenal World was filmed in 16mm for rental distribution to schools in 1977. The series was also available on U-matic video format, a 3/4" inch tape format was the fore-runner to all home video formats that was quickly overshadowed by Beta and VHS.

First VHS Video release: July 1983 (institutional sale to public libraries and college only)
General VHS release: 1988.
Syndicated to cable: 1990 (Discovery Channel)

Produced and distributed by Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation.

Phenomenal World - 16 episodes, 21 minutes each.

01 The Mystery of Life
02 Flowers are Forever
03 Furnace in the Sky
04 The Mystery of Mesa Verde
05 Of All the Nerves
06 Our Living Shield
07 Our Vanishing Marshland
08 The People Places
09 The River of Life
10 The Robot Revolution
11 Sea Beneath the Earth
12 Seasons of Survival
13 This Trembling Earth
14 Voyage to the Galapagos
15 When the Earth Explodes
16 The Winds of Change