The Naked Face (1984)

Director: Bryan Forbes
Writer: Bryan Forbes, (based on a novel by Sidney Sheldon)

Dr. Judd Stevens - Roger Moore
Dr. Peter Hadley  - David Hedison
Lieutenant McGreary - Rod Steiger
Detective Angeli - Elliott Gould
P.I. Morgens - Art Carney
Ann Blake - Anne Archer

Chicago psychiatrist Judd Stevens (Roger Moore) is drawn into a murder investigation after one of his patients is stabbed to the death in the middle of the city while wearing a coat he borrowed from the psychiatrist. When his secretary is found brutally beaten to death in her apartment, Dr. Stevens begins to suspect he is the target. However, to his horror, he discovers homicide detective McGreary considers him the prime suspect. When another attempt on his life is barely thwarted by the arrival of his brother-in-law Peter, the police remain unconvinced. Learning that McGreary blames him for sending a cop killer to an asylum instead of prison, Dr. Stevens decides to hire  Morgens, a streetwise elderly private detective to help him catch the real killer.

Detective Angeli complains about McGreary's violent outbursts to their captain and McGreary is pulled from the case. Now with the sympathetic but unconvinced Angeli handling the case, Stevens sees a glimmer of hope. When Morgens calls to announce he's uncovered the killer, Stevens and Angeli rush to meet him, only to find him already murdered.

Now with time running out, Dr.Stevens must determine why he is a target and if it could be one of his patients. As he is brought to a police safe house, the psychiatrist finds himself plunged deeper into a murderous maze where the final conclusion may the the sudden termination of his career and his life.

The Naked Face was the first novel (1970) of  novelist Sidney Sheldon. It was nominated by the Mystery Writers of America for the Edgar Allan Poe Award.