Michael York - Stone Alexander
Michael Biehn - David Alexander
David Hedison - Daniel Alexander
Diane Venora - Gabriella Francini Alexander
Udo Kier - The Guardian
Franco Nero - General Francini
Noah Huntley  - Stone Alexander (Age 21)
Chad Michael Murray - David Alexander (Age 16)
Gavin Fink - Stone Alexander (Age 6)

The film opens in 1960 as the future Antichrist Stone Alexander follows his father around at a party. His father is media mogul Daniel Alexander, who predicts that Nixon will lose to Kennedy because of television's growing power in shaping public opinion. After he attempts to set fire to his younger brother David, Daniel decides to send Stone to an Italian military academy. It is there that Stone learns of and embraces his role of the catalyst to invoke armageddon. 

Forty years later, at his appointment as the head of the European Union, Daniel informs Stone that he is going to amend his will, giving his vast media empire to "the people." Stone isn't pleased because he heeded his father's message of the power of the media, and he needs the empire intact to continue his rise to power. Stone scuffles with his father and pushes him off a balcony to his death.

It is now the present, and Stone Alexander controls most of the world in a global union. The only holdouts from this new world order are the sovereign nations of North and Central America and China. Stone's brother David has become president of the United States and he is the last line of defense against a world under the complete control of Stone. Now, at Tel Megiddo, ancient city in northern Israel, the world's armies are poised on the brink of World War III. All hell is about to break loose, literally and figuratively, and only David Alexander can prevent it ...


"I just finished a film in Italy with Michael York and Franco Nero and Diane Venora. It's a sequel to a very successful film made a year or two ago, called Omega Code - this one is called Omega Code 2. It will be out in August of 2001. I play Michael York's father and I age three times in the film. I start at 40, then I'm in my 60's and then I end up in the early 80's. It's very interesting."

David Hedison interview
Chiller Theatre
Vol. 1 No. 14 (2001)

Megiddo: The Omega Code 2, is ostensibly a sequel to the 1999 Omega Code, which featured the Antichrist using computers to find hidden messages in the Bible. This film completely disregards the events in that film and  telling the origins of the Antichrist, played in both films by Michael York. The apocalyptic film about the final war of wars in the Middle East was released a week after the events of September 11 - not surprisingly, the film fared poorly.

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, best known for his directorial work on of Leprechaun 3 (1995) and Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun in Space (1996), the film was produced by Trinity Broadcasting Network, noted opponent of mainstream media's descent into liberalism and secularism, making the Antichrist's use of the television media a surprise to no one. The film was excoriated as fundamentalist propaganda and for factual errors. The most commonly pointed out lapse is the Secretary of State assuming power after having the FBI try to arrest the President. Constitutional law prohibits charging a sitting president with any crime; he can only be impeached, removed from office and then charged.