Mach 2

Video Release Date March 13, 2001
Studio: Fox Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: February 3, 2004

Brian Bosworth (Captain Jack Tyree)
Shannon Whirry  (Shannon Carpenter)
Cliff Robertson (Vice President Pike)
Michael Dorn (Secret Service Agent Rodgers)
David Hedison  (Senator Stuart Davis)
Sondra Currie (Courtney Davis)





Senator Stuart Davis (David Hedison) is running for president against the Vice-President Pike (Cliff Robertson). Senator Davis embarks on a trip to the Balkans to negotiate the release of American servicemen being held hostage. Before he leaves, he receives a diskette with evidence that the Vice-President has been providing support to both sides of the conflict, using munitions sales as a way to revive the American economy.

He plans to show the data to both sides in the hopes of ending the situation. However the Vice-President knows Davis has the diskette and he sends his Secret Service men onto the plane. Now, the flight crew is dead, the President thinks the plane has been hijacked by terrorists with a nuclear weapon and the Navy has orders to shoot down the plane. Now it's up to an Air Force officer (Bosworth), nicknamed "Washout" because he can't fly a plane, to land the Concorde.