Courtesy of Linda Delaney
"Filming the scene where Lazarus comes back from the dead was one of my most thrilling experiences."  
-- David Hedison
"Those who portray the apostles are young, all of them under 33.  Though they are as different in appearance as and personalities as were those whose names they carry --- they are all exceptionally fine actors."
"David Hedison, after a purposeful hiatus of 2 years spent mostly in study, writing and acting internship, auspiciously revived his career by portraying the Apostle Philip.  His very presence in the acting profession is a tribute to dogged determination."
  -- 20th Century Fox Press release.

"The walls of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Bethany and the tomb of Lazarus were constructed along Kane Creek Road. Kane Creek Road soon became a major tourist attraction competing for attention with Glen Canyon Dam.  Just beyond the location camp at Wahweap was the Walls of Jerusalem set.  The Jerusalem set was most impressive with it's towering walls, cobbled courtyard and tent city stretching into the distance."  
 -- Jean Duffy  Arizona Highways  Jan. 1965.

"A small blue and gray decal appeared on the windshield of one private car after another.  It bore the legend --  George Stevens Productions -- The Greatest Story Ever Told -- Culver City, California.  It was to become a status symbol for the next six months."  (October 1963-April 1964)  
-- Jean Duffy  Arizona Highways  Jan. 1965.

David and Susan Oliver at the
Cleopatra premiere (during filming)

David with Jill Ireland McCallum

"Glen Canyon had never been used as a setting for a motion picture. Within months Lake Powell was scheduled to begin it's formation behind the dam, flooding the area so it would never be used that way again."
-- Jean Duffy  Arizona Highways  Jan. 1965.

Jean Duffy was one of 2960 persons from the Page, AZ - Glen Canyon area who worked on the film.