The Enemy Below

"The Navy may have been desperate enough to put me into uniform,
but not foolish enough to let me sail away by myself."  -- Lt. Ware 

In The Enemy Below, Robert Mitchum is captain of a U.S. destroyer and Curt Jurgens is his German U-boat counterpart. In the waning months of World War II, their vessels encounter each other in the South Atlantic. Both are good men with an unpleasant job to do, with Powell's directing and a strong script making the German sailors as sympathetic as the American crew as they wage a deadly game of cat and mouse across the seas.

"[Dick Powell] was a wonderful director! He was very patient and lots of fun, very relaxed on the set.  Everyone liked him a lot. Being an actor, he was able to deal with other actors. He had a great rapport with Robert Mitchum; he always called him "Mitch."  I enjoyed him very much." -- David Hedison
"The Miami Yacht races were never like this!"
 -- Lt. Ware 

Robert Mitchum - Captain Murrell
Curt Jurgens - Captain Von Stolberg
Al Hedison - Lieutenant Ware

Directed by Dick Powell
Written by Wendell Mayes
Based on a novel by D.A. Rayner
Special Effects by L.B. Abbott

This film received an Academy Award for best special effects. The destroyer was portrayed by the USS Whitehurst (DE-634).


Theatrical Release:
Twentieth Century Fox
Date: January 1, 1957

DVD Release:
Fox Home Entertainment
Date: May 25, 2004

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