My Casino Caper
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes ("Grease", "77 Sunset Strip") is  finally revealing the story of how he won three million dollars in Las Vegas in 1977. And how his girlfriend demanded her share and a scam artist terrorized him to get the money.

Edd wrote it up and tells the story to his friend Alan Young (The Time Machine) in this audio-book re-enactment which is fully dramatized and has
his real life actor friends David Hedison and Henry Silva re-enact how they tried to help him get rid of that stalker. Paul Kyriazi produces the audio book.

Michael Callan ("Mysterious Island") recreates the stalker.


3/07/07: Paul Kyriazi update: 
"It was very exciting to get Edd and David together on this project.
David came into the recording room with some great additions for his scenes. Because of scheduling, Alan Young was about to leave, but was able to redo his scene with David using David's new dialogue.  Getting those two together was a great bonus.
David was scheduled to do his scenes with Edd together, but as his scene with Alan Young was one phone call and we needed Alan earlier than David, we figured to just edit the two of them together. Thank God, Alan's driver was late and was there to meet David and do David's revisions.  So Alan got back into the recording room, and as David had the only copy of his re-write, I said, "You direct it, David. Tell Alan what he has to do."  They rehearsed it and we got it in one take."

Edd Kookie Byrnes Stalked for his Las Vegas Win

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