Winter Memorabilia
Birmingham, UK  21/11/09

Hello all, I’ve just got back from meeting David Hedison at Memorabilia UK and I have had the most fantastic day!

This was the fourth time I’d met David and, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than the last time, it did!

When we eventually got there, after being lost in the grounds of the NEC for best part of an hour, I went over and said hello.  Diane had told him we were coming and I think he remembered me because he welcomed me warmly.  He asked me how I was and said I looked really nice.  How could I have a bad day after that had happened? lol 

I was very much a bit too chatty and told him that I was thrilled that I’d had the chance to come and meet him.  He mimicked me with his hands and said that he was thrilled too!

I took a magazine called “Scarlet Street” which was featuring “The Fly”.  It’s had a great in depth interview with David in it and some wonderful old photos of him.  I asked him to sign a particularly handsome full-page photo “Al David Hedison” because it was his name when he made “The Fly”.  All quietly David told me, “This is actually my real name.”  It was a nice moment, because of course I knew that it was his real name, that’s why I wanted it.  I should’ve said “Oh, is it”?!!

My friend Trace and I met up with Sue Davey and we went for coffee.  We had great fun chatting for ages about our year, David and Voyage things.  Mostly about David and then we went back to see him again.

Next to David, on his left side was Maryam D’abo, “Living Daylights”, and then Roger Moore’s daughter Deborah.  On the other side, was Honor Blackman.  Next to her were Britt Ekland and then one of David’s friends, who was in “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” Gary Raymond.  David said he was staying with him.

I then bought a couple of his photos.  A Captain Crane one and one of him with Richard Basehart.  He personalised both with lovely inscriptions.  He writes so carefully and neatly.

I told him that I had watched Mach 2 on TV recently and hadn’t liked it when some big bully guy had punched him so hard.  He laughed because he couldn’t remember it so I reminded him of the name of his character and then he remembered... I think

He then had a little play with my camera, asked about the price of it and took a photo of us three girls with it!  He was being really quite funny, until he tried to steal it. lol

As ever David looked great; all tanned and tall and very handsome.  Gentle, funny, and very handsome.  All just very handsome!

When we had a photo taken with him, it was so nice to cuddle up under his arms because he towers above Sue and I. 

Whilst we were there, Deborah Moore phoned her dad and passed the phone to a fan for a chat, how cool, and then she passed the phone to David.  David was on the phone to Roger Moore before our very eyes.  The fans were absolutely so pleased and couldn’t believe it had happened.  How about that for making your day out!  A cosy little chat with Sir Roger.  Chuffed or what!

From what I saw, David was busy signing for most of the time.  When he wasn’t busy signing he was quite busy enjoying himself!  Chatting to everyone, posing for pictures.  Up and down all the time.  People came and talked to him the whole time.  He had a few photos which Roger and himself that Roger had signed.  David enjoyed telling us that they had gone as soon as he had put them on the table.  He sold them for £50.00 each!

By about 4.30 everyone was beginning to pack away and the huge great hall was gradually emptying, so we said goodbye and left. 

The weather was terrible all the way home with torrential rain non-stop.  I found it to be a horrible drive and was glad to get home all safe.

Once I’d dropped Tracey off and was on my own, I was reflecting on the day and I felt a little sad that it was all over.

I did have a great time meeting David and it was lovely to see Sue again.  It’s really good fun meeting up with other fans because you can talk so enthusiastically about Voyage stuff and they know what you’re talking about. lol.

It was SO GOOD!!

Hope he comes back to the UK soon.   (See you next year David! ;-))

Sally  x