Chiller Theatre
Parsippany, NJ
October 24-26, 2008

David with Cortlandt Hull of the Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum

David being interviewed by Dennis Vincent, director of the forthcoming documentary Legends of Film & Fantasy.

We came back on Saturday afternoon from the Chiller Con. What a circus it was. The crowds and lines were very long. Even with Pre-Show tickets. Regardless of that, seeing David is always a thrill!

David remembered me and was surprised I had already had a copy of The Fly at Fifty book - I took the mailer with me as proof. He signed my book: "I wish I were fifty! " and then underlined Fifty. I wish I could have made his wish come true. He also signed a personal book for me.

Then I met Brett Halsey, who was seated at the table next to David. I purchased their unique Fly Poster they had reprinted for their screening last month in Hollywood and both of them signed it.

I had brought David a cake to celebrate the premiere of The Fly at Fifty book. David's table was very small and filled with photos for sale - which David graciously offered to move. I took the cake out of the box, instead, to take a picture of him with it, then returned the to the box and put it under the table, hoping he could be able to cut it later.

By the time I got in again on Saturday, it was 11:00 AM and the lines were crazy. I told David that he would have a very good day selling. He was very gracious and kind as always. I'm sure he had a profitable weekend with that mob. I then went home having seen the person I came to see.

The other notable happening: John Schneider was selling T-Shirts and a fan must have told him she would buy his, so he removed his shirt and sold her the shirt off his back! That's Chiller.

Dori Martin