Dori Martinís report


My husband and I left PA at 5:00 am for the 51/2 hour trip to Framingham, MA. We arrived at the Sheraton at 10:45 am. What a difference from Chiller. There no lines waiting to get in, and no crowds to wade through! The first item I purchased was a hardcover James Bond book for $15.00 that I found in the entrance hallway. It listed by chapter all the movies including a photo of David in License to Kill.


Upon entering the Main Ballroom Room, the first person to speak to me was Richard Kiel, who was beside the door. He saw my James Bond Book and after paging through it found a photo of himself.  I asked him to autograph it and we took a photo .Next I scanned the room for David's table.  David saw me and motioned for me to come over, but as I moved toward him the two men who were buying photos from him moved over to get their pictures signed, so I respectfully backed away and waited for my turn.


David signed my new found James Bond book and the photo of David and Richard I had asked John to put aside for me, so it wouldnít sell out.  It did sell out shortly after I bought mine. I also had a special gift for Diane, a personal book I had written about my experiences meeting David beginning with my first Con in Louisville, Kentucky back in 2005. Diane also signed my copy of their book, The Fly at Fifty. She later persuaded me to sign the book (as the author) I had given her.

At 12:00 noon we sat in on the question/answer discussion for David. I had heard some of his stories before, but it was great to sit in the same small room as he, directly in front of him and listen! John Kachmar had asked me to stay until 3:00 pm.  He promised to give me the huge photo board sign of David, but I was not to tell David. The biggest surprise was yet to come. John worked it out with David for me to go behind the table and sit right next to David for some one on one time.  Diane graciously got up and I took over her chair for 10 minutes. David looked at me as I sat down and said, "It costs $100.00 to sit in that chair and $200.00 to talk to me." I replied, "Well, you are worth it, but you're not serious are you?" He said, "Do I look serious?" and laughed.


We had the most down to earth conversation. It was like talking to a special friend. In the discussion room he had mentioned driving to a recent audition at Warner Brothers, so I told him he was very brave to drive in California traffic, which Iíve heard is terrible. He knocked on wood (the table) and said he has never hit anyone or anything driving forward.  He only has backed into things, like poles. I told him he should get the new Ford Flex (my husbandís car); it has a rear sensor that sounds an alarm, so he would never back into anything ever again.  David said he drives a Prius. I told him I drive a Ford Escort station wagon and two catering trucks.

I asked him about attending The Fly the Opera.  He told me he had to buy a ticket in order to go to Opening night and it was $240.00 dollars! I told him that was a disgrace; they should have given him a seat of honor for free!!! David already knew John planned to give me the Photo board.  Diane must have told him.  He told me the next Con is in San Francisco and without the picture board, how was he going to sell? 


I told him to sell the T-Shirt right off his back like John Schneider did at Chiller. Then I offered to bring the Photo board to San Francisco for him.  David said, "Oh, that's right, you have a Winnebago." I was impressed that he remembered we drove our Motor home to Orlando to see him in February of 2007.  David looked at his watch and I asked him if he was anxious to go home. He said yes and then asked me how far I had to travel to get back home. I told him 5 and a half hours back to Berks County, PA. I thanked him for the privilege of being able to sit and talk to him and wished him a safe flight.


Some last minute fans wanted to buy a last photo so I left from behind David's table and stood out in front of it talking to John. As David was leaving, I got a good-bye hug and a kiss on the cheek. What an experience! I have not stopped smiling for over a week now. I thought my first experience meeting with David in Kentucky was the highlight of my life, but I was wrong. It will really be hard to top Boston Mega-Fest!!! I owe Diane and John Kachmar a world of gratitude for an experience I will truly never, ever forget!!!  Many thanks.


Dori Martin