One day last spring I was unable to find anything of interest to watch on television, so I sat down to see what was available for download on The first show that came to mind was, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea". To my absolute joy the whole first season came up. Wow! How awesome is this, I thought.

I immediately made myself a cup of hot tea and settled down to enjoy my first episode that I hadn't seen since I was 7 in the early 70's. I would look forward to the series after school every day. Big surprise, Captain Crane was as handsome as ever. Aside from being the handsome captain that I remembered, his character came through. He was the captain, and maintained discipline aboard his vessel, but not without compassion.

After viewing several episodes I decided to search for a "David Hedison" website. To my absolute pleasure I discovered that Mr. Hedison was still acting and traveling abroad. While reading about his latest appearances I noticed that he had traveled to England in March of 2008 to promote his James Bond appearances as Felix in Live and Let Die, and Licence to Kill. I also noticed that there was a lovely story from a devoted fan who wrote a detailed description of her experience while meeting Mr. Hedison. Her story really touched me and I was happy for her, but extremely envious at the same time!

Several months passed and I once again searched Mr. Hedison's website for possible future appearances. To my surprise he was to appear in Framingham, MA for the Super Megafest in November! I took a deep breath and immediately purchased airline tickets from Bossier City, Louisiana to travel to Framingham for the event. I was extremely lucky to meet Mr. Hedison, my all time favorite actor, and also see my family for the holiday on my trip up north. Mr. Hedison was every bit as charming as I knew he would be.
I was thrilled to be able to have photos taken with him, and will cherish and keep them always.
I will never forget meeting him, and remain a devoted fan.

Janine Bratton