Dear great five-star fans and friends -

First off, I want to thank you for all the fabulous cards and messages youíve sent me during this past year. You cannot imagine how much your greetings have always managed to lift my spirits. At 91, (ouch) itís a blessing to be really liked.

For about the last six to eight months Iíve been suffering with lower back pain. I can only blame it on Captain Crane, who had me tossed around the Seaview, like a rag doll. Bang - fall this way, bang fall the other way. Now that I look back, my whole experience with Irwin Allen was a positive one. At first, I hated everything about those four years with Voyage, but since after viewing them about 20 years later, I realized how really good they were. Particularly, the relationships of the characters. Before I even started to film, I drove to Richard Basehartís home to discuss the problems we would be faced with. And oh God - did we face them later on! Richard and I loved acting and the subtleties of acting. The joy of working on Voyage I can only attribute to my friend, Richard. And of course, all those great supporting characters. You know who they are. Irwin Allen was a terrific salesman and managed to get so much on the air. So, dear friends, how can I complain about anything during those Voyage years. I was an actor. I was hired. And I look back. And I think. Gosh, David, how LUCKY you were.

Again, my dear friends, have a marvelous holiday season. Hug, a big hug, to your dear ones and realize how lucky you really are. God bless you all.

David Hedison 11/16/18

And hereís a quick P.S. from me: No acts of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. Much love, David


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